Lin Yang (杨琳)

Hello! I am an Assistant Professor of Urban Governance and Design at the Society Hub of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou). I received my Ph.D. in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University.

My research focuses on environmental and urban challenges in China using high-resolution and high-frequency data.

I am in the Cornell Institute for China Economic Research (CICER) group.

I can be contacted at .

Please download my CV here.



  • Does Subway Expansion Improve Air Quality?

    (With Shanjun Li, Yanyan Liu, and Avralt-Od Purevjav) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2019, 96: 213-235

  • Transportation and the Environment in Developing Countries.

    (With Shanjun Li, Jianwei Xing, and Fan Zhang) Annual Review of Resource Economics, 2020, 12: 389-409

  • The Impact of Air Pollution on Outpatient Medical Service Utilization and Medical Expenditure in a Clean City.

    (With Xiaoting Zheng and Yumeng Liu) Social Science and Medicine, 2023, 338, 116301

Working Paper

Work in Progress

  • The Right to be Monitored: Spatial Inequality of Monitoring Siting in Beijing, China.

    (with Ye Lyu)

  • Weathering the Compliance Drought: Impact of Climate Change on Citizen-State Conflict in Africa.

    (with Ye Lyu)

  • Climate Change, Renewable Energy Transition, and Power System Resilience.

    (with Yatang Lin and Xuan Zhu)

  • Environmental Regulation, Firm Location and Pollution Emissions.
  • Transportation Infrastructure and Urbanization.


Cities and the Environment (Graduate, Fall 2021 - 2023)

Principles of Microeconomics (Undergraduate,Spring 2022)